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Customer service

We really know how our customers are important and that’s why we always ensure we do our best in ensuring that the customers are getting the best out of porta john. We will always listen to what our customers and have it offered in the best way possible. In everything we do we always ensure that we give it the best and serve and do it beyond customer expectations. This way we have been able to keep all our customers and also get both positive and negative feedback in all the different services that we offer.

portable toilet services

We also make sure that we engage in corporate social responsibility by offering different services to our customers. We teach our clients and the society about hygiene and health. We also engage in building or construction

portable toilet services

We really value customer feedback as porta john and that’s why we have a desk specially set for customer service. The customer service will receive complaints and compliments and have the right action taken on both.

portable toilet services

We always ensure that the customer gets the best experience from us in delivery of portable toilets, servicing the portable toilets and also maintaining the best hygiene levels. With porta john your even will be the best.


At porta john we really care about our clients and that’s why we give the best prices for the different services that we offer. Our portable toilets are classic and affordable. Anyone who hires us will always get value for their money. We offer great discounts to our loyal customers and for every new client they bring they get a reward.

Special Event Units

We also have special events portable toilets which are mostly for high end backyard parties, concerts and festivals. This special restrooms are much different and much special. They are very well done and come with extra costs than the normal portable toilets that porta john offers. With this type of portable toilets you will see great class in the structure of the portable toilets and even the accessories that come with the portable toilets. We are able to cater for all the different levels of the society with our unique and quality services and products. We always ensure that all the different portable toilets undergo vigorous cleaning and inspection before being delivered to the site where they will be used. When delivered to the site a staff is around to always make sure that the facility is working well and that any complications are sought out. We also offer portable toilets for different big occasions such as marathons, political rallies and campaigns and the best thing is that we never disappoint in what we do. We are the best that you would want to hire for your portable toilet services.

portable toilet services