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Customer service

We know that our customers are important and that’s why we always ensure we do our best in ensuring that the customers are getting the best out of our porta potties. We will always listen to what our customers want. We strive to exceed the customers’ expectations in every way possible. We have been able to retain our most loyal customers and also get both positive and negative feedback in all the different services that we offer.

portable toilet services

We make sure that we engage in corporate social responsibility by offering different services to our customers. We teach our clients and the community about hygiene and health.

portable toilet services

We value customer feedback and that’s why we have a desk specially set for customer service. The customer service department receives complaints and compliments and takes action to make sure our customers are getting the best service possible.

portable toilet services

We always ensure that the customer gets the best experience from us in the entire porta potty rental process while also maintaining the best hygiene levels.


At All Star Porta Potties we really care about our clients and that’s why we give the best prices for the different services that we offer. Our portable toilets are classic and affordable. Anyone who hires us will always get the value for their money. We offer great discounts to our loyal customers!

Top Reason People Rent Portable Toilets

People rent our company's portable for all kinds of reasons. Probably the most obvious is any time a special event has too many people for the venue to cope with. Portable toilets in these instances make it possible for guests to use the restroom without having to wait in long lines which detract from the experience. Portable toilets are also used regularly on construction sites and when contractors do home renovations because they may not have ready access to a bathroom. Then there are campsites which don't feature their own toilets and so can greatly benefit from portable toilets being in close proximity.